033 Keeping It Green


What do you do for fun? Who do you hang out with? How is your social life?

Back in April of last year, I was driving to work when NPR had a peice on an augmented reality game called Ingress.

What is Ingress? Well it is basically  a two team strategy game where you compete with thousands of players across thw globe as well as in your he town, to control territory.

It is a lot of fun. It’s a community of players from many walls of life, worling together, bonding and having fun.

It’s also a puzzle. With fielding and hacking and missions and more that expand on the complex fiction within the game.

To me, it is also a throwback. Cape May  County  was boring as a teenager. We would just drive and explore. Ingress is an excuse to do that again. I find new places, historical sites, art and more. I notice things now that i walked past hundreds of times beforw and ignored.

I get out and walk alot more. I explore alot more. And I think alot more.

If you want to play and join my team, send me a message. I will send you an invite. After all, I get a nifty badge if I get enough recruits.


Hope to see you out playing sometime. If you already play, I am @CyberTrout. Say hello. Ask me if you need any help, hopefully I can.



032 Are You Ready For Some Food


Redskins haven’t been to a Superbowl in over 20 years. And I still fillow the rules of George Carlin. So lets face it, like all the Eagles fans EVER, I just go for the commercials friends and food. My friends didn’t disappoint me this year.  Not complaining about last year’s spread, that was pretty damn good. But Joe and Theresa make some bangong shrimp alfredo, crab dip, chilli dip, pulled pork and some amazing hot wings. My wife and kids came to this Superbowl party.

This game was simply 1000 times better then last year. Exciting  and close. One bad call in the end changed everything. Fun, action  packed,  some decent ads. Liam Neeson was my favorite.

Didn’t get blown away by the halftime  show but the reactions on twitter were great.

Had a better time than last year. Not because of the company.The people at both venues were great. Not because of the food, both were amazing.

It was about a great game and having my family with me.

Looking forward to next year.