Project 365 Day 114: Hamming It Up


This little girl is my niece. My wife’s brother’s 3rd child.  She has so much personality for a one year old. Posing for pictures, throwing tantrums and being a sweetheart when she gets what she wants. I don’t envy my brother in law.  This one’s trouble.


Project 365 Day 113: like


This is what I did today.  Why did I do it? Because someone was confessing that they were having trouble at home.

They wrote a tale of tough times. I was going to say something but, that would have been very difficult. So instead I “liked it.” Sometimes seeing that “like” is all you need to let you know that someone was listening.

Project 365 Day 111: Staff Day


Today was great. Once a year we close all eight branches of the library and have Staff Day.  All 100+ employees gather, train and get ready for summer. 

My Department and the Teen Deparment did one amazing job presenting today. With Minecraft, Windows 8.1 and the Maker Station, we rocked it. Staff from every branch gave me complements.

Project 365 Day 109: Coast Guard


Down here in South Jersey, we see the Coast Guard helicopter and planes flying over quite a bit. It has a completely different feel than other organizations. The police can sometimes feel like a nuisance on the roads even though they are there for our protection. When a couple army vehicles go by or fly over, we wonder if something is going on.

But with the Coast Guard, it just makes you feel good that they are on patrol.