Project 365 Day 32: Not So Super Bowl


I’m not a football “fan” by any means. I enjoy watching an occasional game. I have a team that I root for each season. I understand the concepts of the game. That’s about it.

I don’t know players names numbers and stats. I don’t have a fantasy league and as George Carlin said, “Why on earth would you place your happiness and peace of mind in the hands of several dozen strangers?

Every year I go to some Super Bowl event. The past two years I’ve gone to my friends place and had great food and good company. From crabby mac and cheese to bacon wrapped mini hot dogs covered in brown sugar.

This game was the worst Super Bowl I can recall. A boring one sided match with only three or four worthy commercials and too be honest a decent halftime show. (Bruno Mars has the makings to be the next king of pop, seriously)

Thankfully, I was among friends and was raised on the wise teachings of Master Carlin.

~And now George Carlin on sports.

“You know the best thing I did for myself during the past five years? I told sports to go take a flying fuck. I was fed up with the way I related to professional sports, so I reordered the relationship on my own terms. I became a little more selective.
I can’t believe how much time I had wasted watching any old piece of shit ballgame that happened to show up on TV. I must have thought there was some inborn male obligation to tune in and root every time a bunch of sweaty assholes got together to mix it up in a stadium somewhere.
I also realized I was wasting perfectly good emotional energy by sticking with my teams when they were doing poorly. My rooting life was scarely better than those Cubs fans who think it’s a sign of character to feel shitty all the time. It’s absurb.
I decided it’s not necessary to suffer and feel crappy just because my teams suck. What I do now is cut ’em loose for awhile. I simply let them go about losing, as I go about living my life. Then, when they’ve improved, and are doing well once again, I get back on board and enjoy their success. Yeah, I know, I can hear it: diehard, asshole loyal sports fans screaming, “Front-runner!” Goddamn right! Don’t be fuckin’ juvenile. Teams are supposed to provide pleasure and entertainment, not depression and disappointment.
It is also completely unnecessary to suffer several days’ emotional devastation just because your team loses some big postseason deal like the Super Bowl. Why on earth would you place your happiness and peace of mind in the hands of several dozen strangers? Listen, folks, if they win, fine; if they lose, fuck ’em! Let ’em practice more. As for you, for Chrissakes find something to do!


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