033 Keeping It Green


What do you do for fun? Who do you hang out with? How is your social life?

Back in April of last year, I was driving to work when NPR had a peice on an augmented reality game called Ingress.

What is Ingress? Well it is basically  a two team strategy game where you compete with thousands of players across thw globe as well as in your he town, to control territory.

It is a lot of fun. It’s a community of players from many walls of life, worling together, bonding and having fun.

It’s also a puzzle. With fielding and hacking and missions and more that expand on the complex fiction within the game.

To me, it is also a throwback. Cape May  County  was boring as a teenager. We would just drive and explore. Ingress is an excuse to do that again. I find new places, historical sites, art and more. I notice things now that i walked past hundreds of times beforw and ignored.

I get out and walk alot more. I explore alot more. And I think alot more.

If you want to play and join my team, send me a message. I will send you an invite. After all, I get a nifty badge if I get enough recruits.


Hope to see you out playing sometime. If you already play, I am @CyberTrout. Say hello. Ask me if you need any help, hopefully I can.



Project 365 Day 104: Ingress & Taking the Zoo


About a week ago, i heard an NPR report on a live game for the phone. It was called Ingress. The past few days, I have been rather obsessed with the game. I love the concept and the game play. The only thing I don’t like is its toll on my phones battery. 

My good friend and I went and took the Cape May County Zoo today.  We now hold it for the Enlightened.  Perhaps the animals will gain something from the Shapers as well.

I chose the Enlightened because, to be honest,  I wanted to break the mold. It was the opposite of my normal conscious choice. The game is a lot of fun and an excuse to get out of my comfort zone and do something different. 

So I welcome the Shapers with open arms. Let’s bring humanity to a new age. With powerful allies we can become a new power in our galaxy and reshape our future.