026 Waiting For No Snow


Two Feet, Eighteen Inches, Twelve Inches, 8……6….1 to 3….   Nothing.

What a bummer. My kids and I love snow. Nothing would  have been better than a snow day and a foot of the white stuff to play in.

Well, maybe the next storm. 
Kids are off and I am off. Regardless  what happens tonight, we will find something to do tomorrow.


025 Moved


Ok, not saying  there aren’t  moments in movies that get me choked up a little. I get a little emotional during certain films, TV shows and books.

Every once in awhile a movie hita home. Even more rare is a movie that looks like it could have been writtwn or inspired by your life. This was that movie. While this movie wasn’t my life, it had plenty of points that could have been inspired from it.

This movie kicked my ass. I highly  recommend it.

023 Pizza & Ninja Turtles (not that Michael Bay abomination)


When mom goes out for the night, we have some fun. Tonight we ordered Gem Pizza. BTW: They have an app for that now.

And nothing goes with pizza like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.The new Nickelodeon series is really well written. Great homage to the original series, not to mention some great tributes to movies like Aliens and Big Trouble In Little China. Nothing like a homage that respects the original.

Something Michael Bay obviously doesn’t understand. From me to you Michael, please stop ruining our past.

022 Dinner


We decided long ago to encourage our kids when they find something they like.
Two of my boys like to cook. They have a knack for it too.

However, there is a dilemma  with this choice. There are many friends of mine who took up a career as a chef. They all had dreams of owning their own business or being head chef at a prestigious restaurant.

Instead they have trouble finding work, struggle through the off season, or worse. Many kitchens have drug problems, drinking problems and worse.


They’re  kids. They like to cook. Just cook with them.

020 Gifts


The three collages are gifts for my wife. They are a collection of photos that i processed through Instagram and then combined on Picasa. I had them printed on hard wood and then took 7 months to hang them in the living room.

They are gifts.  Not just as photography  and art for my wife but three boys that have changed  our lives in so many ways. The gift is my boys.