017 Asian Market


My good friend Jesse and I went north to see a movie. Beforehand we went to try something to eat. Browsing Yelp I saw a Vietnamese Restaurant. Let’s give it a try. To Jesse’s surprise, it was someplace he had been before and I had not. The Asia supermarket. This place is amazing.
I found the magical chili sauce, was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the place.

We didn’t spend much time in the market. Just enough to make me want to go back. Then to dinner. Let me recommend that you take your smartphone in with you. You can look up the menu selections and get an idea of what you want. I tried the Hu Tieu Do Bien or white noodle seafood soup. Delicious with one exception. Fish meatballs are not.my thing.
Washed it down with some Bubble Tea and we were off to see Inherent Vice.

I can’t wait to go back with my smart phone, armed with Google Translate, Barcode scanner, the Internet and I can browse the Asian Supermarket.



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