009 Night Out


Today was not what I planned. Woke up later then I wanted because I didn’t sleep well, got a few things done and took the baby up for a nap which quickly led to a nap for me too.

A couple hours later I planned to get back to work. A call to set up a wireless printer, put another dent in my plans. When that setup required me to reset the router, update the router firmware,  install the printer,  calibrate the printer heads, test the ipad, and more…..
Well, my plans to go out tonight were pretty much shot.

Until my wife told me I had to go out.
She kicked me out.

Thanks dear!

I hung out with one of my oldest friends and made two new friends.  Met up with good people and bowled a couple frames for the first time in years.

I also talked geek stuff, remembered some old times, discussed birding, travel, photography and yes, I helped someone with their phone.

Kurt, keep sending those invites. You never know who will show up next time.



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