008 No Thanks


Today I went on a quest. My first experience with phone lines. Our lines were messed up at work and my department has been without a phone for a few days. Today, I decided to join my fellow employees to find the problem. The Director made a mark on my desk. I was to be the lucky number four.

This was a new experience for me. I learned where all the phone lines in our building were at. The punch boxes in the closets were manageable. This couldn’t be so hard.

Then we went into the belly of the beast. I have seen 90% of our library. From the attic space to the offices in the basement. Been in both emergency exit stairwells and more. But the boiler room and maintenance area in the basement was the one place I had never been. It was like another world.
It looked out of place from everything else in the building. It was raw and cold. Full of ductwork cables, piping and more. Industrial noises from the heating, water lines and more. It was like a post apocalyptic Narnia.

Then we found the punch boxes for the entire building. Giant bundles of purple and white wires running to them.

The entire thing split into 100 ‘ s of seperate columns and none of them labeled. No change in colored wires for floors or departments. No sharpie marker notes on phone numbers. Just a big hot mess. It would be easier to find a golden challice in a dragons hoarde.

We still don’t have a phone, there is some crossed lines in the ceiling somewhere. Hopefully we will find it soon. I know one thing that’s for sure, I am glad I don’t work on our phones.



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