007 I Am Charlie


We are all Charlie. Nous sommes tous Charlie.

Does this picture offend you?
How about this one?

Maybe this?

I have written things that some find offensive.  It is a concern of mine. I find myself censoring things that may offend my friends and family on Facebook.

I have unfriended family because of politics and I have been unfriended by others.

I have been enraged by conversations and seen things that offended my moral code.

We have all seen things that offend us. There will always be people who protest a veteran’s funeral, insult your faith or the lack of it. For Christ’s sake, we don’t have to like what other people say or do but there is no reason, not one for killing someone for those actions.

I was and most definitely still am a fan of Battle Pope comics. Long before the Walking Dead, I was a Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore fan.


Imagine a Catholic zealot gunning down a comic book office for this?

We should never live in fear of speaking out. My political stance should not impact my employment, your faith should not change your rights, and your ability to tell a joke or comment on society with satire should NEVER be a reason to lose your fucking life.




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