006 Weather


This snow was beautiful.  I enjoyed it,  my kids enjoyed it, (the ones who weren’t sick) and I even found out all about the snow and our cold weather from one of my favorite weather personalities.

As I walked through the snowy wonderland in the trails behind my house, I thought about whether more snow was in our forcast.

I love weather.  I have my favorite weather app and I follow DanAdam on Facebook.

We don’t have a local newscast any longer. Yes we have a local paper and local radio stations. Not the same in my book. I don’t turn on the radio at all unless it’s NPR or I am desperate for some music. Most of us stopped listening to the radio years ago. And that NPR from Cape May is a Philadelphia station.

The weather and the lack of a regular local broadcast leads me to the question, what is wrong with New Jersey?

It is a serious question. Apparently there is some problem. For a state that has the highest population density, (# of people per square mile of land) we seem to be failing. We are,
– consistently the butt of jokes
– lack a local television and news source
– stereotyped by film and “The Jersey Shore
– we lack most professional sports teams. At least in name.
– South Jersey is basically seen as a little Philadelphia by the shore and North Jersey is basically a suburb of New York.

I don’t know if it’s years of prejudice towards our state or bad public relations. Heck, maybe it’s all subconscious results of our toll bridges that let you in for free but make you pay to get out. I can’t really say.

What I can say is we NEED local television news. We need local weather forecasts. And we need to have some Jersey pride.

Not glorified stories of white trash like Bruce Springsteen wrote, or an airbrushed tee shirt from the boardwalk but pride in a state that has produced some amazing people and history.



3 thoughts on “006 Weather

  1. It’s probably my fault (or people like me). I never watched TV 40. I never watch the news, honestly. I use my ‘puter or ‘martphone to access the interwebs and get news there. I think it’s a trend, although I know you (and my parents) are saddened by it. I think the day of the local news channel is over. The bigger stations are surviving (for now) just because they are bigger and have more momentum.

  2. You may be right Scott. But that leads to a bigger problem. When we start getting our information from giant corporations (which we currently get from major news networks) or unvetted sources, we lose. Either the local news gets ignored or it comes to us with untrained, unskilled reports. There are a few good reporters for local papers. However, corruption runs rampant in NJ and having nobody investigating or reporting it, doesn’t help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7_rVJkobQo

    1. Ooh, you dropped a Newsroom truth-bomb on me. I’ll concede the point, but if the local stations are going to survive, they’ll have to adapt to the changing times.

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