005 Community


Today was all about community.  It starts with my work, a place that enriches our community in so many ways.  Then tonight I went to the swearing in of new political offices within Dennis Township. I have become a part of the community I live in as well. This picture however is something for a different community.  A little less than a year ago I started playing a game called Ingress.  I got a little obsessed.
Because it is fun. I won’t bother explaining the game. If you’re interested in learning, email me, guess my player name or click here.
More importantly, I quickly became a part of a community.  I made new friends, connected with old friends and had a great time meeting players from around the globe. I went to a big event in Philadelphia and made even more new friends. Most of them geeks like me.

Last week one of the first players to reach out and teach me the game, sent me an invitation to an event. Agent Skycrafter’s Birthday. Agent Skycrafter is a, soon to be, 12 year old with Asperger Syndrome. He likes learning about portals and the location of them. He collects keys and this game is helping him socialize.  We players across the globe are his community.

So today I did my part and made a birthday wish. I sent him the portal Storytime. It is special in many ways to me.

I hope agent Skycrafter has the most amazing birthday. If you play Ingress send him a wish.

Finally,  to my Internet community,  have a great day.



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