Project 365 Day 61: Think Spring


Today we got another round of snow. It was raining when I went to bed and it was a layer of ice under all that snow. Top that off with my wife was feeling a little under the weather as well, so when the school closing call came in last night, I took a personal day.

This day was spent in the snow. I took some great pictures. Then my cousin “in law” let me in on a contest for TV 40. My favorite weatherman, Dan Skeldon asked for a “Think Spring” picture that would show off our local snow with the phrase on a sign or somewhere in the shot.

Our back yard, inside the fence was pristine. So we went to work. My lovely, and very pregnant wife took the photo from the open bathroom window. The kids had a blast and tomorrow, when they see the news broadcast, they are going to freak out.

Oh, and if you read this before 3/6/2014 you can help me win. Just click the link below.


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