Project 365 Day 60: Tweet


Why is this my picture of the day? I didn’t even take it right? Is the Oscars, a superficial gathering of elites so important to me? Why wasn’t I watching the Walking Dead?

They are all good questions.  So let’s get into it.

I have always watched the Oscars.  There was a time when I had the money and life to go see the films. I would watch them all. Then I would sit and watch the awards. The emotions and celebration of the art of cinematography are something I enjoy. I had many friends who enjoyed this as well. Many more however, did not.
So we didn’t hang out on Oscar night. 

Then came the Internet.  It really has changed our world. From social networks and searching information,  watching the Oscars is an entirely different experience and I love it.

There were friends online sharing what they liked and didn’t.  Celebrities, reporters, bloggers and everyday folks like me were all joining in on a global discussion about one event on one night.

This is amazingly powerful. From simple comments,  poignant moments and complete ignorance, I saw it all and participated. I looked up other works by the nominees and found footage of Jennifer Lawrence falling on the red carpet when Ellen told us it happened. I found Vine footage of Bill Murray giving a friendly homage to his old friend.

And yes, I joined over two million people as we shared an experience. So this picture is partly mine. That is an amazing thing.

Now I need to watch Daryl and Emily burn down a house.

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