Project 365 Day 55: Why I Love My Job


This picture of an engraved dog tag.  It is part of a bigger picture, that is my job.

Every day, me or my coworkers do something amazing and unique. We help people with their technology.  The unique part of our job is not that we do this.  Plenty of people do what we do. What makes it unique is that we do so many jobs.  We cover everything from computers to smartphones and cameras. From Windows to iOS. Microsoft Office software, apps, malware, email, cloud storage etc.  We help people print tax information, reset accounts and restore old photos to their former glory. We recently expanded into 3D printing, which means we get to help people make tchotchkes, tools, models and much more.

Today was one of my personal favorites. One of our regulars who is learning Photoshop and much more so he can run a profitable internet business. He prints shirts, phone cases, dog tags and more and sells them on Etsy. It is challenging and fun helping him because every visit is something new.


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