Project 365 Day 50: Wetlands


Today was a good day. I took the new librarian and coworker around to some of the branches of our library today. 

It wasn’t just that I was out and about and doing the job that I love. It was the fresh perspective this new person had on everything.  She was pleasantly surprised at what we saw today.  From the houses on the islands to the unique way we live.

She brought new energy into the way we do things at work and was in shock at the gigantic hoagie we split at Brizzles.

Why does this matter?  I think we all get in a mindset. We all become jaded. The luster around us fades. From the things we do every day and the place we live. We take those things for granted.

It was nice to see my work and my home from a fresh perspective.  It was great seeing like minded ideas sparked with new concepts.


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