Project 365 Day 46: Party Time


Tonight was the official Birthday Party for Ronald.  We added on and also made it a late party for Roanin, since we only had a small family party for him in December.

Lots of friends and family. A boat load of Skylanders and absolute chaos. My wife comes from a house that was always full and crazy a majority of the time. She handles chaos better than I do.

These parties inevitably break down. There has to be a mathematical equation with square footage, amount of children and consumption of sweets that equals a breakdown of society.  If studies were done, we could probably amplify the effect and overthrow governments. 

I, on the other hand, don’t care for chaos. I like a little order. I grew up an only child till I was 13. I had my own room, my own space and liked things my way.

Tonight, despite my best efforts, chaos won and drove me to want to get outside.

It doesn’t take long to cool down and rejoin the action. It’s worth the madness to see the boys enjoy themselves.

Ronald even made me proud when he took the time to go thank and hug everyone when they left.


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