Project 365 Day 45: Love


There are many things that people do for love.  Some are simple and some are great feats bit they all express the same love.

However, there is one man that never ceases to amaze me. And today I’m amazed by his baking. 

I’m not sure when it began and how long the tradition of baking heart cakes began. I would guess that it started with his children. Depending on when it started that eventually grew in numbers. He has added nieces, nephews, grandchildren and others.  I honestly have no idea how many he bakes each year. There are a few things  I do know. There are more each year, they have home made icing, they taste great and they make a whole lot of people very happy. 

This is one of, so many things this man does. So many sacrifices he makes.  All for love.


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