Project 365 Day 42: Six


Today was my son’s sixth birthday.  I didn’t see him much today except for breakfast and getting on the bus to school. Didn’t even have time for a photo. 

Every birthday eve, when my boys sleep I slip around the house and hang birthday messages from their favorite cartoon characters, video game stars and some people from current events and history.  Then in the morning they awake and take me through the house to see the magical birthday wishes that arrived over night. 

I also went out this morning and got him what he wanted for lunch.  Hard boiled eggs. Just pack two peeled eggs and he’s good to go.  Luckily, our local deli and sandwich place had some. 

He has an amazing personality and a brilliant mind for his age.  He is like me when I was young and avoids work.  I say the same thing my father said to me.  “If you spent a tenth of the energy doing the work that you spend figuring out how to avoid the work, you’d be done by now. ”

Happy Birthday.

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