Project 365 Day 37: Make Something


This week has been kind of amazing at work. Things are falling in to place. My personal goals are coming around, I have a great team & we just keep getting good news. 

• My part time employee can stay on a bit later into the year. 
• Our new librarian joined us today.
• Some new equipment was ordered.
• We’ve had successes all week.
• Great patrons came in and thanked us for all we do.
• Our blog is started. 

As I wrote the new blog post for work, I needed a picture. So I threw this shot together with stuff on my desk. I looked at it later and realized it was quite fitting for me.

The motto of the company littlebits is Make Something That Does Something. They print it on their boxes, website and even the note paper they send out with replacement parts. 

On the other side of this note is a few words about the power switch they sent us.  I kept it to remind me what my goal at the library is. 

The creeper is that shadow of doubt lingering around just outside the door that makes me question if I can do it.

Next week I’ll put the creeper behind the card.


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