Project 365 Day 020: Snow Day?


Today seemed as if the stars were right for snow. Yeah, some hate it but, I love a good snowstorm. The schools preemptively scheduled a half day and all the weather forecasts predicted 8-12 inches by morning.

I peeked at the radar when I was able and watched the blue wall approaching. Closer and closer. Facebook reports told me it was starting in Cumberland County and Atlantic County.

I was psyched for photo opportunities as I left work early and fueled the car up. I drove to pick the kids up from school as the, the……….
the rain started.

Then sleet. No biggie, it will turn to snow in an hour or so.

Instead, it stopped. A dry pocket of air settled over our area and pushed the storm away.

People ranted and railed at the weatherman and the schools as if they did this just to be a dick or we somehow forgot that forecasting the weather is not an exact science.

Then it happened. The snow started again and I could get some pictures. The only drawback is this camera doesn’t like the dark. Flash was useless since the blowing snow left white blurry lines across the shot.

So as I walked out and tried to get a couple of shots by the light of the streetlights. As I got down to the street my youngest came out to join me.

And this shot was born by the loyalty and love of my biggest fan.  


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