Project 365 Day 017: Tough Work Day


There really are a few tough days at my job. This wasn’t one off them.

From the beginning, I had a few things to set up. Once we were ready for the class today, I had about 15 minutes to check my email. Then there was the Library Catalog Class  and that went fairly smooth. Mary did a great job with the class and a better job with our catalog.

Then it was appointments and walk ins. James and I were busy most of the afternoon with Kindle’s and iPads. Then a bunch of good people I prefer to call friends stopped in and got to take a tour of our fledgling project at the Library. The first was a half frozen man and his family. Then a friend who somehow never crossed my path till a party at my brother in law’s. We both work for the county, his brother and mine are friends and we have plenty in common. We talked and played with technology until we had to leave.

I couldn’t ask for a better day but I got one.

My father-in-laws surprise party was already in full swing when I got there. I enjoyed good company, good good and a good time.

Finally, I brought the kids home and left Marie to enjoy herself a bit, without all the distractions.

Video games, sandwiches and some root beer from Cape May Brewery made the night complete.


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