Project 365 Day 012: Crazy PB&J


Why is this my post today?

Because of a doctor.

Today my son had a doctor appointment. He has had strep twice in the past two months and just finished an antibiotic. Then last night, he had a fever again.

This time it was a stomach virus. As I discussed this with the doctor, he told me that the best thing for my son was to eat. He told me to avoid the BRAT diet. Don’t make him eat bland foods because he won’t eat. Just let him eat anything. Whatever he wants.

This conversation happened in front of my son.

Let me reiterate. The doctor said, in front of my eight year old son, that he could eat whatever he wanted.

So as we left, he asked if I could get him a candy bar.

I talked him down a bit. He settled on a PB&J 2.0 made our way.

However, the bigger issue is this…..

Maybe next time this should be a private conversation.

At least the order was simple. Could have got a request for snow crab.

Lastly, it reminded me of this wonderful comic.


For the complete Calvin & Hobbs click here.

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