Project 365 Day 010: Taco Night II


My brother and I went out on a job in Mays Landing today. While there, we got the call. Taco Bell was needed.

Cape May County used to have a Taco Bell years ago but alas, no more.

So, after wrapping up on getting a new OS on a Mac and fixing a big screw up with the Apple Store, we headed to the Sex Mall.

For those who don’t know about the sex mall, it includes a Dick’s Sporting Goods, BJ’s Warehouse, Odd Jobs, and lesser innuendo stores, Target, Best Buy, and others.

They built a Taco Bell there a while back. The place was mobbed.

After placing our monumental order, the cashier looked at me and said, “I assume this is to go?”

I replied that we were eating this here. She didn’t believe me.

We arrived home to feed the gaming gang, (my boys and a good friend who helped them beat a few levels on the new Super Mario Bros) and the feasting began.

We would probably spend less annually if they built a local one again.


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