Project 365 Day 008: The Past


1) There is always a challenge going back to an old operating system for me. I forget a few things and get frustrated by the tedium of doing things the old fashioned way. Tonight a coworkers father brought this brick in and asked for some help. This insanely slow XP machine was a bit of a chore. But it came back to me after a bit.

2) The last few days, I’ve been remembering my past. Some of those have been somber memories of friends I’ve lost while others have been fond thoughts of my childhood.

Then there’s tonight. I had the chance to remember more than using XP. The person who came in was not only the father of a co-worker, he was also my old boss and a great guy. We hadn’t seen each other in over twenty years.

We recalled old times, told stories of what we’ve been up to the past two decades and more. This was the guy that taught me to use a slicer, make a cheesesteak, clean a flat top and helped me stop a friend from making a big mistake. We remembered when his business was robbed, and some interactions with customers that are stories best told in person.

So, old pc, thanks for the memories today.


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