Project 365 Day 007: Son 4.0


My amazing wife and I are destined to have a house full of boys. And that’s just fine with me.
People say there’s nothing like the joy of parenthood, right?


From the day that they are conceived it is one fantastic experience. From the first you hear the heartbeat to feeling them moving, it is awe inspiring.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy to say that when I don’t have the back problems, strange cravings, and numerous uncomfortable issues that my wife goes through. I get the easy part in the beginning.

Then the baby arrives and you experience the wonder of a new life learning everything. How to hold their head up, interact with their surroundings and become free thinking individuals.

There are a few things I worry about though.

What is the world they grow up in, going to be like?

How am I going to afford tuition?

If anyone has answers, let me know.


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