Project 365 Day 68: Unholy

Monster Mania is a horror convention in Cherry Hill and it was a blast this year. The show was fantastic and the cast from the Walking Dead were great. My good friend Sam & I went up for the day. We met stars from a variety of shows and movies, talked with cast members, sat in on a Q&A with the cast of the Walking Dead and more.

The day was filled with a variety of wonderful vendors selling all manner of horror film collectibles, various celebrity sightings, amazing home made costumes and so much more. Erin Grey flirted with me and gave me her phone number. (Something I have wished for since I was old enough to be interested in flirting!) Killer clowns tried to abduct me in cotton candy and when I stopped for a little nap, Freddie paid me a visit. I hung out with Dr. Frank-N-Furter and Magenta , got punched in the mouth by Deadpool and heard some horrifyingly bad jokes from the Crypt Keeper. The only disruption in the fun was when a Class 3 Apparition appeared on the third floor of the hotel. Luckily the Ghost Busters showed up and asked me to lend a hand.

2013-03-09 20.39.57

The evening ended with the Walking Dead Q&A. The cast members were lively and funny. They seemed to enjoy themselves as much as us.

The questions asked were diverse. From silly questions to thought provoking ones.

Here are some of the things I learned about the Walking Dead cast.

– Due to the secrecy of the script writing, when most cast members learn of their demise it is a surprise.

– There is a special area on set that Danai trains in constantly. Many cast members wondered about her role before they met.

– Lew Temple, (Axel) was quite upset that Rick took his death so calmly.

– Michael Rooker, (Merle) is a great climber. At IronE Singleton’s (T-Dog) going away party, Michael climbed the outside of IronE’s house to the third story in nine seconds.

– Kylie Szymanski (The Governor’s Daughter Penny) loves horror movies.

– While Danai IronE and Michael love the graphic novels, Oscar never read the books or even saw a zombie movie before the Walking Dead.

– When asked who’s side MErle is on, the Gov’s or Rick’s, Michael Rooker said as I predicted, “Merle is on Merle’s side.”

There was more but my phone died.

The whole experience was one I won’t soon forget. To the people who put together this show, I would like to send a sincere thank you.

Below are a collection of pictures from the show.

IMG_20130309_163145 IMG_20130309_193051 IMG_20130309_194312 IMG_20130309_121754 IMG_20130309_122549 IMG_20130309_123358 IMG_20130309_131440 IMG_20130309_135515 IMG_20130309_142150 IMG_20130309_142815 IMG_20130309_145139


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