Project 365 Day 63: GM

GM’s Day is also a day to remember Gary Gygax, the Co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons. Without him, we wouldn’t have the plethora of games we do today and I wouldn’t have enjoyed my life quite so much.

I can remember so many adventures and so many characters. My first D&D character, a Paladin. I was so inspired by the picture from Sutherland that it had to be what I played.

Then the plethora of PC’s in D&D, of every class known. Some with many classes like Orion my 20/18/20 Fighter Cleric Magic User.

Then there were other worlds and other genre. Boot Hill and Shadowrun were some of the earliest.

I have run many campaigns myself, but my fondest memories are as a player. Below are a list of some of my favorite Player Characters.

  • Orion
  • Ugh the Barbarian
  • Axel McRoss the Bard
  • Finn the Celtic Warrior
  • Zardoz the Planescape Wizard
  • Splinter Tongue the silent Gunslinger
  • Charles the Thief who has become and unlikely hero.

Then there are the PC’s whose names I don’t recall but the stories I do.

  • My Ravnos in a Vampire Campaign working to bring the Camarilla down. Started off with a bang.
  • My Weird West Big Game Hunter who enjoyed being vulgar and rude as much as hunting large supernatural critters and telling tall tales.
  • My Dark Sun Psionicist who was a twin. His brother was a Preserver. Little did I know, my brother was planning on merging us into one being when we came of power to create an Avangion!
  • The Gangrel who was out of sorts in the big city.
  • The Drunken Kung Fu Master who came to the Weird West and confused a backwoods preacher who never learned to read.

To all the GM’s from all the fantastic realms I have played. Thanks!


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