Project 365 Day 61: Pines

One of my favorite places since I was a kid is Jakes Landing Road, otherwise known as “Skeeter Point“.

Rows of perfect trees growing down the southern side of the road. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood, was hearing the first rumbles of thunder. Once the first low reverberation was heard, my parents and I would climb into our station wagon and drive out to Jake’s Landing and watch the storms roll in. Lightning arcing across the sky over the bay. Thunder shaking the car and then the large drops of rain would start to hit the windshield. We would drive home through the rain and I would look out into the rows of trees and watch them light up when the next crack of lightning struck.

Jake’s Landing Road has seen a lot of history. There is a small cemetery plot that was restored years ago by an Eagle Scout. The Ludlam’s have lain at rest here since before we were officially a nation.

There’s a legend from the area about the Revolutionary War. As the story goes, there was once a dock with an Inn at the end of the road, which meets the Delaware Bay. The local farmers had an arrangement, to watch for the British to arrive. From the attic of a local farmhouse the sails could be seen of a vessel coming in. The men were rallied up to go meet the boat. The women and children were informed to hide if they hard gunfire.

As luck would have it, it was not the British. It was a Captain, bringing molasses and rum. Relieved that they didn’t have to deal with the enemy the locals and the Captain went into the Inn and had some drinks. Some turned into many. As the sun set, they went outside and fired off their guns into the air.

When they arrived home, the women and children were gone. Took the men three days to find them.

Below are some other pictures from my visit.

IMG_20130302_233859 IMG_20130302_234818 IMG_20130302_235238 IMG_20130303_003000


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