Project 365 Day 26: Snowy Day

“He pretended he was a mountain-climber.
He climbed up a great big tall heaping mountain of snow, and slid all the way down.”
~Ezra Jack Keats~

Today was a true day of fun. We didn’t get much snow but, it was the most beautiful snow. The temperature was just right for perfect snowflakes that glittered across the surface. It was not great packing snow, which we are used to here in New Jersey. You can see the snow here! 

Today was fun! From the excitement last night and first thing this morning it had begun. We blew up their snow tubes last night. So this morning, we bundled up tight. We tracked animals and occasionally ourselves. We made snow angels and wrote our names in the snow. We went snow tubing down the small man made hills we have in Cape May County.

We drank more hot chocolate than we should and ate plenty of snow.

Snow brings out the best smiles in children. As I get older I still have that feeling. But mine fades as I get cold. I try to ignore the cold and trudge on but soon, my knee aches a bit and I am now hoping they will get bored with it and want to go inside. As I warm my hands in my breath I watch them running and sliding. Just as I think it’s time to call it quits, one of my three sons hands me the tube. “Daddy, it’s your turn.”

As I slide down the slope and crash into another of my children and send him into the snow, both of us laughing, I forget the cold. I get up and run up the hill, ready to go again.

“You truly are, only as young as you feel!”

2013-01-25 18.54.49snowyr snowy2 2013-01-26 16.08.39 2013-01-26 14.42.44 2013-01-26 14.38.36 2013-01-26 14.37.44 2013-01-26 14.37.30 2013-01-26 14.34.16 2013-01-26 14.27.36 2013-01-26 14.24.13


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