Project 365 Day 25: Snow


Stopped on my way home and took a picture of the fresh snowfall on the frozen lake.

Today was a much better day. Because we finally had snow in the forecast. Snow brings me back to my childhood. I have many fond memories of my past that include a good snowfall.

From my early childhood and the blizzards that dumped snow so high, that it was over my head. The time my cousin fell in a snowdrift and disappeared. We found her because the tips of her red mitten was wiggling out the top.

The first book I remember my mother reading was The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.

Sledding down the Rt 83 Overpass with my friends and hiking down a frozen lake and creek with my father. Tracking animals, towing sleds behind trucks. Snowball fights and snowmen.

There are so many more. From the time we had a snowman destroying bully in town. He dislocated his shoulder when a father poured water over the snowman.

A good friend Wayne, who sadly is not longer with us, taking us all down the street for sledding. When they stopped at my house, they already had eight bundled up people in the car. So I rode on the hood. As we got close to the end of the dead ends street, he locked up the brakes and threw me into the pile that the plow had left.

There are many more still, but the best part about this snow, is I have three kids to make a whole bunch of news memories with. I can guess what tomorrows picture will be.


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