Project 365 Day 13: Invasion

“The Abyss is home to fiends of every kind, including the dark goddess of the drow, Lolth. Known also as the Demon Queen of Spiders.”

Walking out onto the deck today, we were surrounded by spiders. Thousands of tiny baby spiders had hatched and covered the deck. As I went around and inspected the deck I was reminded of an old Dungeons & Dragons campaign my friends and I played in the 90’s. We were constantly finding parallels to what happened in the campaign with real life. When the magical blizzard arrived with the Formor, we too had a blizzard. When the volcano erupted in the campaign, so did Pinatubo Volcano and when we went into the Underdark to defeat Lolth, the second night into the game, spiders rained down from the ceiling above. So I have checked in with my old DM Rich, and sure enough, he is running another Underdark Story.
Figures, my picture for #13 would be about thousands of spiders hatching on our deck. Typing this up, I still get itchy. I didn’t get any on me that I know of and it has been hours since I was out there. But I am still scratching. Want to see more pictures of them? Check my Flickr account. 


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