So, last year I read a novel by Paul Cicchini that was a complete surprise. From the introduction I was nervous. I try to steer away from books that are too preachy and the introduction made me a little nervous. But I was roped in with the opening quote for Chapter 1. I love movies and Joe Vs. the Volcano is one of my favorites. When I saw that Mr. Cicchini enjoyed this underrated film I read on. I am glad I did.

Godsmacked is the story of Charlie, a man who is lost in more ways than one. He finds himself in Olympus with a cast of wonderfully wacky Greek Gods. As he struggles to find his way home, he has some crazy adventures and well…..

Read it for yourself and find out. I will say, the message from this novel is truly about being a good person. Doing what is right for the right reasons and making moral choices. It was funny and smart and the perfect break from the dark, unethical world of Westeros. It brought me back from the brink of despair as I was two books into my George R. R. Martin run.

Check out the reviews here.

Go to Amazon.com and read the first 10 pages.

I hope you will enjoy this book as much as I did. Before I wrap this blog up, I want to send a message to the author.

To Mr. Cicchini,

Thanks for the fun ride. I loved your vision of Greek Mythology and your dedication to making your hero someone with the knowledge of right and wrong.

Cyber Trout


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