D&D Next: 1st Session

Well, I really wanted to write more, however, if you read the Online Playtest Agreement, sharing much of what went on would be against the guidelines. So please excuse any generalizations and lack of detail as us following the rules!

With that being said, we enjoyed our first session. We could only get four of our six players together tonight and we started off with a discussion on what we read. We like the system so far. It has a simplistic system and an ease of play that they were looking for in 4th edition without stripping the individuality of  the PC’s or the flavor of the game. Races and classes all have individuality and the pregenerated PC’s were a nice mix. We like the fact that they don’t seem to use an extremely high amount of bonuses to add up.

The adventure was a little too open ended from my opinion but I understand why they went with it. It was extremely familiar to me and I was able to go back on my earliest days of D&D for inspiration. (Even so far as to pull out a classic module I owned to help.) However it seems to be too broad for a mechanical test of the rules system.

The first combat situation went well and my players tried out quite a bit of their abilities. The group ended the combat with a sense of pleasure. Mainly due to some poor rolls and the opponents. When we wrapped up the session we critiqued. While we were happy with the systems familiar combay style we wanted to see a bit more on other skills. Overall it still feels a little light on the details my group likes, but we only ran one combat with three PC’s. What do we know?

Wish I could give you more.


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