Super Hero Movies Don’t Suck Anymore!

Well that’s not completely true but…..

Earlier this year I asked the question, “Why do super hero movies suck?

The Avengers has certainly set the bar higher than anyone can reach without some super powers of their own. I won’t be making an official revue here, because it spoils things for those who still have not seen it. (AND THEY SHOULD!) I will say that Joss Whedon got it right. From the attention to detail and love of the genre, he has brought the wonder of the comic book story to the big screen. It not only made all the characters equal stars, (the Hulk does steal the show once or twice.) he also added some details that make us fanboys go “SQUEE!” From the ravens flying by during an Asgardian sibling struggle, that lets us know that Odin is watching, to the terms like “foxing around the edges” that only the collectors will appreciate. The extra scenes after the credits, (there are two) were also worth the wait.

So if you have not seen this film, GO! If you have, GO AGAIN! It’s worth the money and our support will let Hollywood know what quality is, even if they ignore it.


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