D&D Next

So, I am super excited about the new D&D, and I wanted to keep you updated as best I can.

I am a huge fan of tabletop RPG’s and D&D in particular. You may have read my initial thoughts on the concept. If not go check it out. I also wrote about how the computer age is changing how we play. Well it has also changed how games are made.

Yesterday I recieved my email from Dungeons & Dragons. It took me here.

Click to go!

From there I ran into a problem. It seems EVERYONE was trying to get the first playtest pack at the same time. Whats worse is, I texted my gaming group to meet tonight so we could try it out! I tried a few more times, read the forum boards and finally gave up.

I waited until today and BOOM! It downloaded right away.

I will be reading over it today and my group might get together to give it a test run tonight. I would share it here but, it has this sprawled across the top.

So I will share what I can and give my revue and of course join the discussion as cybertrout42 on the Forum.




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