Stopping SOPA!

I sat for about an hour researching SOPA! Google started making this point clear! I wanted to tell everyone how we can speak out and tell our elected officials why we don’t want it. I saved all my links and blogs. Then I realized everyone else has put it better than I ever could. So without further ado, you can just follow these links!

What is SOPA? Check Wikipedia! We all use it but we may not be allowed if this bill passes! Right now, Wikipedia is down on the English site in protest and to make a statement! This is what you see to prove the point.

There are plenty of sites going black in protest! 

There are plenty of people out there explaining it to us. Here are a few.





or you can read it yourself!

The Library of Congress THOMAS

You can sign petitions!


The White House has responded in what I perceive to be vague political speak.  VETO SOPA Petition

The biggest point that is made here is you can sign petitions galore but the final say is with your elected officials who are supposed to speak for you! Don’t let them be a Jar Jar, and hand this kind of power over!

Write them, call them, speak to them and say NO! Tell them what your oppionion is and speak out! Here is how you find out who represents you!

Write Your Representative!!!

What should you write? Try this!

Dear Congressman/Congresswoman 

I am a voter in your district and I want to urge you to vote “NO” on The PROTECT IP Act, on Jan. 24th.

S. 968 The PROTECT IP Act, is dangerous. It will put many internet businesses at risk, hurt our economy and censor our freedoms. The U.S. contributes over 30 percent of global Internet revenues and this act will threaten that growth. 

Again, I ask you to vote NO on S.968The PROTECT IP Act.



Please speak out!

Thank You!






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