Dungeons and Dragons Wants You!

What did you think of 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons? My friends are split on this version of the game. Some praise it for it’s ease of play while others condemned it! I would say, in my group of friends online and at home the split was roughly 30% Pro 4th and 70% Con.

My opinion of 4th edition, and that of my gaming group, was not favorable. We felt they simplified the system too much. They gave every class the ability to do relatively the same amount of damage as a differently described ability. It was dumbed down for the masses and turned into an MMO! If I want an MMO, I will play one on my PC. We felt it was an extreme reaction to the overwhelmingly complex 3.5 system. 3rd edition made the game favorable for players, with tons of feats, skills and options but also loaded the GM with an overwhelming amount of work to create a competitive and challenging story. However, 3.5 was still something we could play. We tweaked it a bit  and were happy with the results. Then Pathfinder came out and cleaned up the rules! We were set.

Well, Wizards of the Coast has noticed that Fourth Edition has had a relatively unpopular response and they want us to make the next version better!!!

Yes, all of you who bought 4th and like it, will be upset.

I can understand that. I have seen numerous RPG’s CCG’s and more, change the rules and force us to switch if we want new content! Remember, I started playing 1st edition Dungeons & Dragons! I have bought thousands of dollars of gaming supplies, from dice to miniatures and manuals. I have seen White Wolf and Pinnacle do the same.

They are a business and I love supporting creative companies, so I do if the product is worth supporting.

With 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, We will be part of the creative process!

Think of the possibilities here! We can create the system we want! We can be a part of the new version of Dungeons & Dragons! We can honor Gary Gygax, and all those who have played D&D over the past 37-38 years!

This is truly a unique experience and you have nothing to lose by participating!

  • If you don’t like how it turns out, you  don’t have to buy it! With this edition,  you will get to see it, test, and be a part of it’s creation!!!!!!!
  • I recommend that we start by creating a list of pros and cons!
  • Start thinking of all the things we truly love about any edition of Dungeons & Dragons and write it down.
  • Think of the things we disliked and do the same.
  • Now branch out to other systems and do the same.

C’mon people, summon the barbarian horde! Call the elves to glory! Dwarves, don your armor! Summon your best monsters, call on your most powerful spells and join the fight! Blow the horns from the walls of Fairhold! People of Faerûn, Greyhawk, Barovia & Athas unite! From the city of Sigil to the Blessed Fields of Elysium, we shall prevail!

Go to Wizards of the Coast and sign up for the info, join the discussion and let’s make the best damn Dungeons & Dragons the world has ever seen!!!!

See you on the discussion board!

I am Cybertrout42 on the Wizards boards. Feel free to join me!


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