Why Should I Ask Permission?

Well, I just read a startling article today. It was about the photo of the Space Shuttle Endeavor that was taken over the cloud line. It is a beautiful photo and I would love to share it here, but, that would just be as hypocritical as I could be.
Apparently news organizations and others have been stealing photos from online and printing them in their papers. Call me naive, but…. I always thought they paid.
I know the rules and rights of a photographer’s work and the work on anyone’s original art are clear. Taking a photograph means you have the copyright for that picture. Posting it on the web, whether its Facebook or your private website doesn’t change it.
I have heard positive stories about friends who get a picture at article published and make a nice little chunk of change, but never the other side.

Read the full article here!

Remember, don’t use other peoples stuff without permission, and if someone uses yours, they better pay up. Enjoy.

PS: Check out my artist friends that let me use their artwork, like Jud Turner


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