Fighting To Save Stargate Universe!

SGU being cancelled by Syfy was the last straw.

The end of the line!

I have drawn my line in the sand!

Do you get it, yet..

Since I have been a small child, TV stations and companies have cancelled many shows that I have loved! While it may have hurt more, when I was a kid, it still really sucks when they axe a show I love. It’s even worse, when there’s an ongoing storyline that will never get resolved! They don’t even get a movie or book deal so I can get some closure! (Except for you Joss Whedon)

Here is a completely random list of shows that were cancelled and upset me and my friends! 

(Rather than pictures I made them links to IMDB‘s sight.)

There are more but, I ain’t here to make a list of all the shows that get cancelled. I am sure someone else has done that. My point is, all these shows we love, get cancelled because of some poorly skewed numbers and bad decisions, while we are left completely unsatisfied! Well this camels back has been broken!

The numbers they collect on viewers has to be wrong! Neilsen ratings HAVE to be inaccurate. First off, people know they’re being watched! How many change their habits, to watching the History Channel over their usual night of Jersey Shore? (the Catch 22 answer is NOT ENOUGH!) Then, they also pull that data in small pocket areas and multiply it for an average. Lastly, Neilsen is unnecessary. With all the cable boxes and satellite boxes in our homes, accurate data could be collected 24/7!

Don’t start all that paranoid, “I don’t want them knowing what I watch” crap either. They are already watching everywhere we go on the internet. Facebook ads are geared specifically to your likes. But that’s because Facebook is made by the CIA. Hell, my phone, who I thought loved me as much as I love it, has been spying on me and telling Google everything! Let them collect accurate data on how many people watch, record,and DVR a show. We are the consumer here and advertisers are ultimately paying for us to watch! They should demand this service.

They also get cancelled by short sighted executives and production companies who look at those bad numbers without looking where the show is going or if the story is solid enough to get that fanbase in the later run of DVD’s, syndications and more. I am personally ready to drop Syfy all together, since they are one of the biggest offenders. Syfy cancelled this show in favor of Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen. They scrapped a show with great writing in favor of putting out crap like Sharktopus and (coming soon) Pirahnaconda! The networks have been systimatically cancelling good writing in favor of reality tv and talent shows and Syfy has joined the club!

Has all this been going on for years? Sure! This time, however, I have had enough. “That’s all I can standsge, I can’t standsge no more!” 

Let me also take a minute  to tell all of you that have not watched it, SGU why I think its a brilliant show. The story takes place on Destiny, a starship that was created by the Lanteans, some ancient alien race. It was sent out several million years ago for some unknown porpuse and now a group of scientists and soldiers who figured out how to get to the ship, flee through the Stargate to escape a terrorsit groups attack on thier base. Once there, they find the ship is heavily damaged and unable to get them back to Earth. As Destiny travels on some kind of mysterious path, the stranded crew of unlikely travellers are forced to work together (or not Dr. Rush) and struggle to survive. They also study the ship, it’s technology and what it’s mission is as it travels through unknown reaches of space. Unlike all other Stargate franchise series, this one is a cold dark drama with no clear hero or villian amongst the crew. With this premise, the writers can pretty much do anything they want in this beautiful backdrop!

So, I am trying to bring the show back and urge you to do the same.

If you want to join me, Dr. Rush and the 30,000 + fans already there, fight the good fight for fanboys/fangirls everywhere, put your cursor on Dr. Rush’s forehead and click to  follow the link below!

Thank You!


3 thoughts on “Fighting To Save Stargate Universe!

  1. HUH????? Sliders was cancelled?!?!?!?! GDAMIT…lol I loved that show….I watched 1st 4 seasons and now am wondering if I should finish it off with the 5th since the main charecter is no longer going to be in it……….But what the hay ;). Nice post BTW

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