Do we need to burn a book to kill it, or can I drive a stake through New Moon?

Watch This!

I know, scary, right? This is the anniversary of The Nazi Book Burning of 1933, that led to Government Censorship and a society that was under strict control.

It’s hard to imagine living without 700 channels of crap on TV, unlimited movies, music and more from the internet and any book at your fingertips, right? Well then, think back on what the poor Tweens, that lived in Germany under Nazi rule, must have gone through. Bad government made films, war propaganda on the radio, Asmus, The complete works of Matthias Claudius, etc. I don’t know about you but, I wouldn’t have been able to survive my high school years, listening to Bach and reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales!

Censorship has destroyed so many great works of history, like the Mayan Codices. Conquering forces and religious groups have destroyed more than books. They have burned records, (IE: LP’s) (IIE: here’s a link for all the kids!) CD’s, buildings, cities, etc. If it were not for the vile tyranny of the Church of Jedi, we could  all watch the Star Wars Christmas Special!

(You can also watch Richard Pryor serving at the Star Wars bar on my last blog)

I hope you get my point here. You and I may agree that there is stuff that is worth destroying! God knows I could easily put: Barney,   Twilight,   Miracle Whip,   Three Eleven,   That Paul McCartney Christmas Song,   Celine Dion (not her albums but her),   and anyone who drowns their eggs in ketchup,  inside a giant wicker man. Then I would use every copy of the 2006 Nicholas Cage version of the Wicker Man, soaked in kerosene to destroy them all in a giant fiery celebration!  Praise Daghdha!

But I know that if I committed Libricide, Homicide and all those other “cides” that I would be contributing to that same censorship that would prevent me from enjoying Krull, Cabin Boy, Warehouse 13, the Lumberjack song by Jackyl, and oh, so much more!!!! Because there is someone out there who thinks all that should go too!

Please go out and read a good book today in honor of those that died in the biblioclasm of 1933!

And to blow off your burning hatred for something out there, tell us what books, cd’s, music, people, and more, YOU would enjoy throwing on the biggest bonfire we could make, if we were that kind of people!


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