Mother’s Day Geekyness

This morning I read the blog by Geekdad. (Click his name to read it) It was the top 10 Sci-fi & Fantasy moms. I liked it, but……..
He left someone off that list that deserved mentioning. Charity Carpenter. The wife of Michael, a Knight of the Cross, she is a mother of seven and that alone makes her cool. You may not like the way she treats Harry but, when you find out what she will do for her children, well she soars to the top of the cool mom list. Strapping on chain mail and later taking out creatures from the Nevernever with a ball peen hammer and a nail gun, is pretty badass.

Click Here to see what books we are talking about!

You meet her in Grave Peril, but she really shines as a mom in the book Small Favor! Enjoy!


Happy Mother’s Day!


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