That’s Right, I said free! Since I am ready to go get mine, I will keep this short.

Today is Free Comic Book Day!

That means you should do the following!

A) Go to the local Comic Book Shop. You can find them here!

B) Say hi to the local Geeks and Nerds. Make a new friend! You never know when you might need someone to fix your computer, paint your entire 10 mm scale miniature representation of the Normandy Invasion, or just find someone to play a new game with! Most Comic Book Stores today have some great games. If they don’t, ask them to give you a Previews Magazine! There are games you can order!

Here are a few of my favorites!

C) GET FREE COMICS!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, if you have not read them before, give them a try!

They are a great medium for fiction! They are a great way to get kids to read! They have inspired tons of  popular movies and television! Trust me, it’s worth a look!

For the new comic fan, a few friendly tips!

1) Comics are not just superheros anymore! There are real life stories, dramas, science fiction, westerns, movie and television adaptations and more!

2) Comics are not something you have to subscribe to each month. Many have been turned into Graphic Novels, which are a group of comics collected into one book. They usually cover a complete story arc.

3) Ask the staff at the shop what’s right for you. Some comics are too graphic for some audiences. Some are to childish. Then there is the changing artists and writers that could make a great superhero, well,  kinda lame. The guys that read them, know them. They will give you sound advice.

4) If you can’t, and I mean CAN’T get to a comic shop, and you have an amazing phone like me…. check out the Comixology app! It let’s you download comics to read on that cool mobile device.   NOTE: Even they encourage you to buy comics from your local store. They have a Buy It In Print button so you can search for that local store!

Well, I am done talking! Time for me to go get me some FREE COMICS!

Enjoy, and let me know what you read!


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