Happy Birthday Terry Pratchett!

“Rincewind stared at the badge. He’d never had one before. Well, that was technically a lie… he’d had one that said ‘Hello, I Am 5 Today!’, which was just about the worst possible present to get when you are six. That birthday had been the rottenest day of his life.”

Terry Pratchett has become one of my favorite authors over the past 10 years that I have read his books and listened to the audio versions, which are read by Nigel Planer. His stories take place in Discworld, a wonderfully descriptive fantasy world that sits on the back of four elephants who in turn stand on the back of a massive sea turtle, swimming in space. His attention to details like the lifespan of the Counting Pines to the politics of his central city, Ankh-Morpork brings

comical life to this ridiculous place. With plenty of social commentary, and inspired parodies of other fiction and real life people, it makes me laugh out loud. Something most books are unable to do.

The artwork inspired by this fiction is also fantastic. Paul Kidby is an amazing talent who brings out the humor of Terry Pratchett’s imagination in his work. All the artwork in this blog was kindly borrowed without permission, (because I didn’t have time to ask but I wanted to) from him!  Go visit him here, & here!

Sir Terence David John “Terry” Pratchett is not only a knight, he has also received numerous awards as well as, in my opinion the coolest thing, even forged his own sword from a meteorites and iron he collected himself. The meteorite or “thunderbolt iron” as he calls it was added for its “highly magical” properties. He said, “you’ve got to chuck that stuff in whether you believe in it or not.”

For his birthday I could think of no better gift than to encourage you to become a fan, as I am. Go out and pick up one of his books today and meet Rincewind the inept cowardly wizard or Cohen the barbarian.

Trust me, you will be glad you did. His first tale in the series is The Color of Magic. I suggest you start there.

Happy Birthday, Sir Terry Pratchett.


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