Game of Thrones

Tonight I wish I had HBO! Let me tell you how much the hype for Game of Thrones has sold me. Not just for this show but the books as well. Sure we have seen the ads, blogs, and magazine articles. But that is the end of the list of hype for this story. Let me start at the begining.

For years, people have been telling me to read George R. R. Martin and I have always intended to. No, REALLY! From the first time my friend Adam told me about it many years ago, (and the numerous times afterward) to all the other friends, family and library patrons, I have truly wanted to read these books. To be fair, I also plan to eventually read Charles de Lint, Jeremy Robinson, Joe Abercrombie, Steven Erikson, etc. With three kids, I just don’t have the time to read that I used to.

I also have a second problem with the kids and reading. They tire me out. I used to sit in bed for hours reading and now, I fall asleep after one chapter.

So, why am I so excited about this series? Well first of all it’s the hype. This show has got amazing reviews.People can’t stop raving about the costumes, cast and writing. It looks beautiful and people are really excited. So I have to be as well, right?

Secondly, I have started the audio book. While reading has become more difficult, audio books have become my way to get all those stories in. Thanks to my amazing and wonderful phone, I can listen to a chapter or two anywhere. On the way to the store, in the shower, laying in bed, and so on. I am only a few chapters in and already, I am hooked. I have downloaded a few maps of the Seven Kingdoms on my phone so I know where the great wall of ice and Pentos is. A detailed map of Westeros is in the collection because it will probably be necessary as well. I am loving this story already. My friends were right to recommend these books. I wish I had got to them sooner.

Lastly, it is fantasy fiction being brought to television. I try to support all of it. I always give it a try. I am so happy that the genre I love is popular now. While I won’t continue to follow a series that blows, (yeah, I’m talking to you Legend of the Seeker) just because its fantasy, I feel obligated to give them a shot .

Speaking of giving it a shot, try the books. Kindle and others offer samples.

Are my expectations high? Yes!

Will I be disappointed if it’s bad? You know it! With it’s hype, being on a pay cable network and the author working with them, it better be good.

Regardless, I will be going to a premier party over a friends house to watch and I will enjoy hanging out with my friends.

If you are reading this and you watch the premier, please come here, log in, and tell me what you thought of the show. I would love to discuss it with you.

For those if you watching tonight, enjoy, “And don’t look away. Father will know if you do.”!

11 thoughts on “Game of Thrones

  1. For those of you coming here to discuss, please share with us whether you have read the books or not. That will certainly influence your opinion.

  2. So, I want to first say, I loved it. It was filmed beautifully. It had amazing casting. Did Jack Gleeson look like the little prick prince he should? And we get a preview of Conan before a preview of Conan! The story moved along without going too fast. It introduced the movers and shakers of the story as well as started the intrigue we so need in any good HBO series.

    As the critiquing goes, I only have a few. First, let me get the basics out of the way. I have no issues with the changes made for filming. We didn’t need purple eyes and an albino dire wolf. Those changes were fine.

    Changes I didn’t like. The prequel sold me on these books. The haunting description of the White Walkers. The scout Will in the tree watching as Ser Waymor Royce is surrounded by haunting creatures with ice blue eyes and mystical swords that are so thin they are unseen when viewed blade on. Then his fearfully clinging to the evergreen with sap on his face. How it ended with Royce rising? That sold me. This prequel did not. Scary little blue eyed girl and barbarian like naked men lopping heads off without a glimpse of what the terror was, just didn’t work.

    That was only a prequel however. The rest of the show was great. From the dialog to the scenes. All went well. The only other thing I had wished they would have developed more was the obvious prophetic scene with the dire wolf and the antler. They did so well setting a dead elk on the road and the tale well with the bastard brother making the ploy to keep the pups (which were a bit too old but again, where do you find baby wolves that animal rights activists will let you use.) but didn’t show Bran’s appreciation like it should have. Otherwise great. The story was told in a different cinematic order and that too was fine.

    I thoroughly enjoyed and plan to spend an hour of my Sundays at my good friend Jesse’s house since I will not be paying the extra for HBO.

    Bring us more Game of Thrones. I for one am a fan!

  3. The pups needed to be big if they were from a dire wolf, which was much larger than a regular timber wolf…. the ice bluew eyes guys were cool if you didn’t know the back story or the books… I’m just hopeing this isn’t just political intrigue based in a middle earth world..

    Will continue to watch

  4. A Song of Ice and Fire is a great series and I think you’ll enjoy it, either the movies or the books.

    I’ve read a lot of DeLint’s books and they’re great. I recommend starting with Memory and Dream, which is part of his Newford series. The great thing about most of the series is while there are recurring characters, there isn’t an overall arc to the books so you can read them in almost any order without missing anything or spoiling past installments (too much). Also recommended: Mystery of Grace. It’s a stand alone and I devoured it in a weekend.

  5. I did read the books. The show was fantastic. I can’t wait till the next episode. A couple of days ago I saw the making of the show. The pups are not wolves; they are a breed of dog that looks similar to a wolf. I believe (Though I could be wrong) that in the book they describe Jon’s wolf as completely white. As the finding of the pups are supposed to be a sign for the family.

    I think the actors did a great job on the characters. And the set (Such as Kings Landing) looked incredible.

    All and all this is going to be a great series

  6. Bruce, I realize the wolves needed to be bigger, I meant they were too old. They were to be freshly born pups in the novel. And there will be a bit of that political intrigue.

    Michael, thanks for the recommendations. I will get to them. Just Kindled the preview of Mystery of Grace today!

    Kalai, Jon’s wolf was supposed to be an albino. That would have been too difficult to pull off so they just went with white. All fine by me. And cast and sets were truly awesome. Visually a great program.

    And for everyone else, the books are still better.

    Also, share your opinion and let my friends at Slice of Scifi know what you thought of the show.

  7. First off the premiere has me hooked. Simply the most beautiful sets and locations for the Fantasy Genre.
    I am not upset by the size of the dire wolves. They were meant to be newborns but they do need to be large. I would hate to see CGI or the attempt at filming a normal size wolf with shorter doubles for actors like they did in Lord of the Rings.
    I was impressed by the casting choices well before I saw the premiere. Now I know they made great choices. Every character is recognizable before anyone even mentions their name.

    Can’t wait for more beheadings.

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